Dr. Jared Espley (NASA) stopped by the BradCooney.com Podcast and updated us on the JUNO mission to Jupiter. The spacecraft arrived back in July and is currently in orbit exploring and sending back data. The mission hopes to find out if the planet has a rocky core down below the gasses that make up most of the planet. It also recently gave us our first look at the planet's polar region.


Additionally, Dr. Espley also gave us an update on a recent discovery on Jupiter's moon Europa. The Hubble telescope has discovered what appear to be huge water plumes that are streaming into space from beneath the moons icy surface. If so, this would make a future mission to the moon much easier to detect whether or not there is life there. The moon is said to have a large ocean beneath the surface. If this is true, and you mix in geological activity, possibly volcanic, then you must begin to think about life as a real possibility. Check out what Dr. Espley had to say BELOW



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