Through the power of Social Networks, I've gotten to know Rosie Perez. She's a true gem, a one of a kind, terrific person.  The big thing Rosie and I have in common is the love of boxing. Rosie isn't just a boxing fan, she's more than that. Rosie is extremely knowledgeable about the sport, and can be seen front row at many of boxing's biggest cards. Recently she was invited to the Boxing Hall of Fame to be the Grand Marshal.


Truth be told, I've had her book for months now. I would have put this review up a long time ago, but unfortunately right after Rosie's publicist sent me the book my community was slammed by a tornado, which took lives, and destroyed homes. Otherwise, this wonderful book would have been spoken of by me month's ago.

Rosie's acting resume speaks for itself. She's had roles in legendary movies such as Do The Right Thing, and White Men Can't Jump. Not to mention an Oscar nomination.


Rosie's new book, "Handbook For an Unpredictable Life: How I survived Sister Renata And my Crazy Mother And Still Came Out Smiling (with great hair)",  is one of the best books that I have ever read. It takes us back to when Rosie was just a kid growing up in Brooklyn, NY. We learn about how Rosie coped with a schizophrenic mother, and how she was placed in "The House" in Peekskill, NY. A place where other kids including Rosie, suffered abuse.




Rosie shares her personal journey from childhood abuse in New York all the way to Hollywood, where she overcame the odds and flourished a terrific acting and dance career.


The book is terrific. As you are reading it, Rosie paints the picture for you in such detail that you feel as if you're a fly on the wall looking down on her. The book takes you on a range of emotions. There's times when you are sad, times when you are laughing, and times when you want to reach into the pages, and grab Rosie and pull her to safety!


I highly recommend this book. It's a fantastic read. Once you start it don't be surprised if you're late for an appointment, late getting to work, or you end up staying up later than you wanted to. It's a tough book to put down.


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