Hollywood big screen legend and Academy Award nominated Mickey Rourke sat down with 8CN and talked about his brilliant acting career and more.  Rourke talked about his next big project which will be a movie about the life of retired Welch Rugby player Gareth Thomas.  For those who do not follow Rugby, Thomas announced to the world that he is gay, which sent some shockwaves across the UK.  Rourke tells 8CN that he will be flying to Wales and will actually be doing some work with former world champion Joe Calzaghe in preparation for the movie.  Rourke is going to have to lose over 30 pounds for the role.  He tells 8CN that he will be working with Calzaghe at the Calzaghe gym.


Rourke also talks about his big hit movie, "The Wrestler" which earned him an Oscar nomination.  He tells how he was approached to do the movie, and why he knew right away that the movie would be big.  Mickey is a former fighter, so we also talk boxing.  Rourke was trained by Freddie Roach, and he explains how he brought Roach to Los Angeles from Las Vegas.  It's an interesting story, one that not a lot of people know. It was Mickey Rourke that introduced Roach to Hollywood, and soon afterward, Roach opened his gym.


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