Traci Lords, (now in her upper 40's) looks like she's in her 30's, continues to stay busy. She has a lot of irons in the fire starting with her collaboration with Pinup Girl Clothing, and a part in a new web series called "Swedish Dicks" which stars Hollywood icon Keanu Reeves. She's also really excited about making her directorial debut next year. Her first feature is a script called "The Unquiet Grave" which will be shot somewhere in the Southern states. It's currently in pre-production so Traci Lords fans get ready! Next weekend you can see her at an appearance called "Chiller Theater" which you can learn more about  HERE


Traci also talks about a possible follow up book to "Underneath it All" which woud basically update her fans on this chapter of her life, and it would also give her an opportunity to speak on things that she didn't speak on in the first book. So Traci Lords fans keep an eye out for that too. We touched on a few other topics such as her music career, and what her secret is to looking so damn beautiful! 


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