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Many of us grew up watching "The Brady Bunch" when we were kids. It's one of those good ole fashioned American TV shows that remind us of how the American family once was. True enough we still have solid, morally sound families in America, but they are fewer. Susan Olsen played Cindy Brady, the youngest of the family. She's just as adorable now as whe was when we all watched her on TV.


She joined the Podcast and talked about a plethora things. We all just recently lost the amazing Florence Henderson, Susan's TV mom. Mrs Brady was the TV mom that most of us could relate to. I know I looked up to her. Susan tells us where she was when she found out the bad news that we lost Florence. She also talked about working with her and the wonderful memories that she has. 


What's Susan up to these days? Well she's busy running her candy line, and she's a mom. Recently she's been co-hosting a political radio show, but she's since resigned from it. Word on Twitter and other social sites was that she was fired from the radio show, but this wasn't the case. Susan gets into what really happened and sets the record straight.


We also talked in depth about current events. Susan is a Trump supporter, and that doesn't usually bode too well for Hollywood folks. As most of you know, most celebs in Hollywood are left leaning Democrats. Susan isn't ALL in the tank for Trump, but she explains why she supports him as opposed to what the alternative was, which was Hillary Clinton. We get into all of this in the Podcast. so LISTEN BELOW


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