Guitarist Justin Johnson knew from an early age that playing music was something that he was just simply supposed to do. He was born on the West coast but now, fittingly, he resides in the Music City of Nashville. If it has strings on it, this guy can play it. He can be seen playing anything from Motorhead, using a 3 string shovel, to the blues sitting along side the legendary Stevie Wonder. 


His latest record "If Walls Could Talk" (Produced by grammy awad winning John Carter Cash) was released in 2016 and he recently had one of his original tracks "Midnight At The Crossroads" from his his double album "Smoke & Mirrors" appear on a recent Ken Burns documentary that profiles Jackie Robinson. You can check out his official website HERE to learn more about his background, awards, and tour info.


Justin stopped by the BradCooney.com Podcast and gave us a nice update on his career and what lays ahead for him. Listen to the Podcast BELOW!




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