Political Commentator Jamie Weinstein stopped by the Brad Cooney Podcast Show and shared his thoughts on the political events taking place in the country today.  He currently hosts his own Podcast show that I highly encourage all of you to check out.  You can do that  HERE.  His Podcasts are also available on iTunes  HERE. Jamie can frequently be seen on the FOX News Channel sharing his political expertise with the best in the business. HE'S one of the best in the business, and I was honored to have him on the show.

We talked about President Trump's first few months in office and the challenges that he faces from both his own party and the Democratic party.  Jamie also shared his thoughts on the two saber rattling nations of Iran and North Korea. We also discussed the current relations between the White House and the state of Israel. Other topics include the Muslim ban, the failure to get healthcare passed and the allegations of Russian interference in US elections.  Listen to the Podcast  BELOW

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