Naomi Wachira

She's musically gifted. She's magically talened. She's beautifully Human. Naomi Wachira was born in Kenya and is currently based in Seattle, Washington. She became a US citizen a few years ago, which immediatly made America even better than it already was.  She's been playing music since the age of 15. She's a storyteller. She has the ability to tell a story when she sings. She connects with the listener. She paints a picture. 

In this Podcast inerview, Naomi talks about her journey from Kenya to Seattle. She wants to bring people together through her music and her upcoming new record "Song of Lament" will certainly do that. Listening to her music is therapeutic. Just close your eyes and let her paint the picture. You can visit her offiicial website HERE to purchase her earlier projects, and to learn more about  how to get her June release.   LISTEN to the Q&A Podcast with Naomi BELOW


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