Tomi Lahren at just 24 years old (25 this August) has had quite an impact on American politics. Most that follow politics already know that recently, after a brief suspension, she parted ways with “The Blaze TV”. The suspension came after she appeared on the TV show “The View” where she told the world that she's pro choice. Really? Yes, really. Lahren's position on abortion is the same as millions of others, morally pro life, politically pro choice. This is why millions of people were stunned when it was announced that she was suspended. This whole mess ended up in court, and in the end it would be Lahren that came out on top. She was allowed to keep her FB page, which is important because she has over 4 millions followers, and she was let free to explore the market for new work.

The suspension outraged millions of Lahren's fans, and they let it be known on Twitter and every other social site out there. With her pull no punches “final thoughts” which usually takes liberals out to the woodshed, she's amassed a gigantic following. To say she puts liberals on blast is an understatement.

It's not all love though. As big as her following is, she has her fair share of haters as well. Some of her detractors like to bring up her looks as a reason she's been so successful. There's no doubt Lahren is easy on the eyes, but she's WAY more than a pretty face. She's intelligent, witty, and confident. This young lady loves her country. She loves her country, and she loves those who serve it.

Ask just about any US Marine or US Sailor, or any other serviceman what they think about Tomi Lahren. Most of them would fall on a hand grenade for her. She is loved by the troops because she is constantly thanking them and lifting them up in praise for what they sacrifice for the country. The same can be said by many in law enforcement. Lahren loves her LEO community as well, and she lets that be known frequently.

Recently I spoke with Todd Angell, a Silver Star recipient, US Navy Corpsman who served with US Marines in Afghanistan, When I asked him for his thoughts on Tomi, he said, “It's nice to know she has our back. It's always nice to hear her support for veterans.” Angell, recieved the Silver Star for saving the life of a fellow Marine in Afghanistan. He saved other lives at well. You can read more about it HERE

I also asked Brendan Cooney, a US Marine who served in Afghanistan, and Iraq, to share his thoughts, “I've always admired Tomi for supporting Marines, law enforcement, and all other serviceman. I admire her love of country.” 

These are just a few of literally thousands and thousands of serviceman that stand with Lahren as she forges forward with her message. Her chapter at The Blaze is over with, but rest assured, her next chapter is just beginning and we'll be hearing a lot more from her. You can check her out on her FB page HERE, and follow her on Twitter HERE.

Tomi recently joined the Great Alliance Super PAC which supports President Donald Trump. Learn more about it HERE

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