Floyd Mayweather Jr is one of the greatest fighters of all time. With 49 wins and zero losses in the bank, there has not been one professional fighter that's figured out how to crack the code. He's fought and defeated future hall of fame legends, so how in the world does anyone think that a mixed martial artist that's never fought a boxing match in his life, has a shot to win this fight? Conor McGregor is no doubt a tough guy. He's a real beast inside the cage, but guess what? There's no cages in boxing. You can't choke someone in boxing. You can't kick someone in boxing. The only thing you have are your two hands, brains, and feet to use for movement. That's it. With a fight of this magnitude on the near horizon, we reached out to Floyd's Uncle, Jeff Mayweather. He breaks down what he calls the "event " that's about to take place in Las Vegas, Nevada. He gives us a good analysis of what he thinks will take place come fight night. Listen below to what he had to say.

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