Karla Kane has a favorite tree in the yard, and underneath it she creates beautiful songs. It's an oak tree, and its her special place. Hey, whatever works. It obviously works for her because her new record "King's Daughters Home For Incurables" is a collection of terrific songs. Her latest single "The Lilac Line" is a catchy folk song that gets both feet tapping, and there's a good chance that it'll get stuck in your head for awhile. It did mine. Karla is about to hit the road in September. The tour will take her to some West coast stops then across the pond to the UK, and onto Germany. 

Karla stopped by the BradCooney.com Podcast show and talked about the new record and the upcoming tour. She also fielded a few questions about what and who influences her in music. Check out everything she had to say BELOW

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