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Actress Katrina Grey stopped by the Brad Cooney Podcast show and talked about her latest movie "Ghost House" (Directed by Rich Ragsdale) which is currently in theaters. She's also in "Hard Target 2" (Direct by Roel Reine) which follows up Jean Claude Van Damme's "Hard Target 1".  Katrina is in the opening scene of "Ghost House" and I have to tell you, this scene scared the hell out of me. It's a very intense and frightening scene. Katrinapulls it off perfectly. No spoilers here, so go watch the movie and you'll see what I mean. 


Katrina Grey

The movie "Ghost House" was filmed in Bangkok, which gives the movie a different feel. I also must point out that the visuals for this movie are incredible. Credit should be given to Make Up / Special Effects head Ian Cromer. He and his entire team did an excellent job. Horror fans will not be disappointed with how the evil spirit looks, that's for sure. 

Ghost House in a nut shell is about a young couple that travels to Thailand for a vacation. When they get there they unintentionally disrespect a Ghost House, and as a result a spirit possesses the young lady, "Julie" played by Scout Taylor Compton. Her new fiance "Jim" played by James Landry Hebert must now race to get her help before it's too late! 

Katrina talks in depth about the movie, and she also tells us about some of her other projects.  Listen to the Podcast  BELOW


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Katrina Grey

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