He played in a Super Bowl, an NFC championship game, and now he is back on the stage showing the world just how good his singing voice is. Esera Tuaolo walked out onto the stage and sang "Rise Up" which got the attention of two legendary coaches/singers, Blake Shelton and Jennifer Hudson. All you need is one chair to turn, and you're on the show. Esera to many a surprise picked Blake Shelton to be his coach. Now the journey begins. It should be noted the Blake has won The Voice several times, so Esera is in good hands, and his choosing Blake may turn out to be a brilliant decision.


In this Podcast Esera talks about life in the NFL while still being in the closet, to life being out of the closet and coming back to sing in front of the world. Esera also shares some advice for folks out there who might be thinking about trying out for future seasons on The Voice. Also, grab a copy of Esera's book titled "Alone In The Trenches." You can purchase the book  HERE   


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