The new season of "The Voice" is in full swing. Season 13's Lucas Holliday, walked out onto the stage and gave one off, if not THE most important performances of his life. He sang "This Womans Work" which got the attention of legend Jennifer Hudson. His blind audition was coming to a close, but not before Hudson spun her chair. That's all he needed, Hudson turned, and now he's on the show.  

After the blind audition, Jennifer Hudson surprised the fans and everyone else in the building by getting up and singing a duet with Lucas, which gave him a great opportunity to show more of his brilliant vocals. He may not look like what he sounds like on stage, but that's actually a plus. This is what makes "The Voice" such a great show. People aren't pre-judged based on how someone looks, they are judged litteraly by their voice. Every judge thought he was an African American until they turned their chairs. Lucas sings brilliantly, and Jennifer Hudson is only going to make him better.  

Lucas stopped by the Brad Cooney Podcast last night and talked about his blind audition, and he also shares some advice with anyone that's thinking about trying out for next season.  LISTEN BELOW

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