Chris Weaver walked out onto the big stage and put forth a brilliant performance, so good that all four judges would turn their chairs. His blind audition "Try a Little Tenderness" had the fans on their feet as well as the judges. Not to mention, Adam Levine and Jennifer Hudson threw their shoes at him. Chris sang for Jennifer in the past at "The Color Purple Party" which automatically made her a front runner to be his coach. Miley and Adam both pitched hard to win him over, but there was no way it would be anyone other than Jennifer Hudson. Chris picked Jennifer, and it'll be surprising if if he doesn't end up at least in the live shows, perhaps to the finals.

Chris stopped by the Brad Cooney Podcast and shared his thoughts on the blind audition process, church, his singing career, Jennifer Hudson, and much more. Listen to the full Podcast below and be sure to check out all of Chris's social sites. 


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