Physicist Michael Dennin stopped by the Brad Cooney Pocast show and talked about his book "Divine Science: Finding Reason At THE HEART OF FAITH". Dennin can also be seen regularly on the TV show "Ancient Aliens" as the show skeptic.  He puts science into the puzzle and rules out most of the claims that alien technology had something to do with the construction of the pyramids. 

Michael also talks about the recent UFO video footage where two US fighter jets pursued a UFO over the skies of San Diego. Was it from another world or was it something from Earth? Dennin shares his take on it.  He also talks about the paranormal. What makes objects move on their own? What could be the cause of lights turning on and off on their own? What about a light that only turns off when someone asks it to? Dennin takes on all of these questions in this Podcast. 

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