I recently had the opportunity to talk with one of Hip Hop's most "Unique" young artists, who happens be legally named Unique, AKA Unique The Artist. This young man is extremely talented, as he writes, sings and produces all of his music. He also plays several instruments such as guitar, keyboards, and drums. In this Podcast we covered a multitude of topics including his new music (see below) his dreams, his inspirations, his goals, hip hop history, and more. 

Unique has a lot going on. He's looking to take his career to the next level in 2018. He's got all of the tools to do it. He can sing, he can move, he can produce, and he's got the work ethic that one needs to separate themselves from the pack. Two of his newest songs, "Low Key" and "My Cut" are getting a lot of attention. He's got a nice fan base and it's only getting bigger. Check out the entire Podcast with "Unique The Artist"  BELOW

BROOKLYN, NY – Unique The Artist isn’t just the stage name of one of New York’s hottest upand-coming hip-hop artists, nor is it merely a description for the type of music he creates. It is literally his birth name – a mark given to him by his parents as a way to remind him at his core that he was destined for greatness.

Today, Unique The Artist is building a fan-base along the East Coast with a versatile sound and style that is distinctly … well, unique. He’s marking himself out from the rest of the pack with his youthful exuberance and an obvious love for what he gets to do through music. When he’s not watching Dragon Ball Z and wrestling, he’s winning fans with relatable lyrics revolving around young love, youth culture and more. But his talents don’t end with just music skills. He’s also a talented dancer, performer and artist.

“I just love creating,” Unique said. “I don’t consider myself a rapper or singer. I just love art and I love all types of genres of music. That’s where the idea of ‘The Artist’ came about. I wanted to mix my birth name with the reputation I want to be known for. A lot of people use auto-tune or have a different type of sound, but don’t necessarily have the vocals. I do. And if you really listen to my R&B music, it sounds edgier than most R&B artists. My rap music has more of an electro-hop vibe to it. What I’m trying to say is that there aren’t a lot of artists who can sound
like me and do what I do and dance like I do and say the things I have to say. And now I’m trying to find the best way to bring that out there and showcase all the many things that set me apart.”

Unique said his love for music was established at a young age when he would sing in the church choir. His grandfather was a professional Gospel singer and would often bring Unique with him on tours and show him some of the tricks of the trade. It was those early experiences that first made him want to be an entertainer. He eventually learned how to play guitar, drums and keyboards.

“Basically anything with a beat, I love it,” he said. “I got into music by having it around me and hearing those old-school songs. It’s just a very strong part of who I am. And today I want to send out those same good vibes that I experienced when I was a kid. I want people to understand that they can do anything they want – sing, rap, dance, whatever … there’s no limitations. I’m not scared to tap into anything. That’s the message I try to inspire into all types of artists: Embrace being different. Be unique. Be yourself.”

A couple of Unique’s most recent singles include “Low Key” – a song about him riding low key with someone else’s girlfriend – and another called “My Cut” – a song that he uses to make a statement saying he gives no free handouts. He also has a couple other songs in the works that he hopes to release in early 2018, as well as an EP that he wants to release by the end of next summer.







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