I recently had a chance to speak with Las Vegas singer Alena Irubor. She recently released her single "9 AM". Alena is only 11 years old, but she's been singing for more than half of her life. She started out acting. She can sing, act, and now she learning how to play instruments as well.  Check out what else she had to by listening to the entire Podcast  BELOW - Also read up on her full background  by checking out her bio below.

LOS ANGELES, CA – It’s rare that someone so young can change the world by their voice alone. Alena Irubor is a star on the rise, and plans to make a lasting impression on the world with her music. The 11 year-old received her start at age 5, which entirely makes her so mature for her age. After dabbling into singing and acting, she found her niche at the same time she found her voice. At this very moment, through genuine enjoyment and passion for music, Alena knew she selected the right path for her life. In her own words, it just “kind of clicked”.

Since deciding to vigorously pursue a musical career, she hasn’t dropped the microphone. From working on her original songs to performing covers, the Las Vegas resident has been steadily perfecting her craft over the past two years. “I’ve been teaching myself how to write my own songs. My family is so
motivating, and they support me in everything I do. They definitely keep me going in my career,” said the singer. Through navigating her own style and truly finding the genre she clicks with most, Alena has continued to make a name for herself.

As of recent, Alena released her hit single titled “9 AM”. The happy, playful song is a true reflection of her positive and uplifting demeanor, while showcasing her impressive vocal abilities. “My goal in music is for other people to feel what I’m feeling. I don’t like to see people sad, so I took the story from there in ‘9 AM’. Even though the song isn’t about change, I want to promote change in the world. Today could be the day,” said Alena. For such a young starlet to encourage positivity and light in society is so impressive, and partially what makes her who she truly is as an artist.

Alena keeps herself busy, as she is planning to release more music in the coming year. Her desire is to share her songs with whoever will listen for the sole reason that they need to be heard. She plans to combine many genres, such as reggae, pop, and soul, in order to universally bring fans what they love to hear. “I’m still working on finding a good name to fit my album. I want to make sure there is something for everyone to enjoy. Maybe there is someone who likes reggae, and then there is another person who only likes pop. My album will bring it all,” said the artist. Her two new songs, “Loving Endlessly” and “Be Happy”, are newly available on Soundcloud, so fans will definitely want to take a listen. The young starlet is making leaps and bounds in her career, and we can’t wait to see what she does next.

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