PROFIT TPM - He's a hard working Hip Hop Artist from Knoxville, TN.  Profit stopped by the Podcast show and talked about his new single "Check" which has an impressive 34,000 views already. He's all about hard work.  His hard work ethic shines through when you speak to him. He writes , produces, and raps all of his music. Check out what he had to say in the Podcast below. Don't forget to check out his social sites and where you can get his music by clicking the links below.

 LOS ANGELES, CA – Whoever said hip-hop is dead has obviously never met Profit TPM. This artist has arrived on the rap scene, and quickly changed the dynamic for the better. Growing up in Knoxville, Tennessee, Profit TPM stumbled into rap at a young age, as he enjoyed kicking back to the old school flavor. Hiphop legends such as Eazy-E, Tupac and Biggie were Profit TPM’s icons, and still motivate him in his current artistry. <br? To this day, Profit TPM credits his brother in law, Trey, for truly influencing him in his musical journey. Trey founded his own rap group called 7 Heaven, which is widely known for the hit single “RoboCop”. “My brother in law was very influential with music,” said Profit TPM. “I started hanging around his crowd at a very young age, and I just really looked up to him and his hustle. He taught me to be a man. In a way, I was indoctrinated into rap music.” Pretty soon, the artist developed his own signature swag, to which he credits Trey in motivating him to find his overall aesthetic. What makes Profit TPM stand out from the rest is how truly and unwaveringly motivated he is in perfecting his craft. He does not let an hour go by where he isn’t thinking about his next musical project. 

At this point in the artist’s career, his fans are quickly realizing he possesses something that other artists simply don’t. No stranger to hard work, Profit TPM does everything on his own. That’s right- from mixing to building his own sound proof studio, the rapper can do just about anything he puts his mind to. Right now, he has been placing an emphasis on pumping out singles to gain traction in his career. And, with his latest hit single “Check”, he accomplishes this so effortlessly.
The new single represents a conversation that the artist is having with himself. “The song is like a ‘yes, I got what I need, but I still have wants and desires’. It shows the hunger I have within myself in my career. There’s a difference between wants and needs,” said Profit TPM. The single has quickly taken the number one spot for his friends and fans. People can easily relate to the song, as well as clearly get a clear vision of whom Profit TPM really is. His overall goal is to make something that appeals to the general masses. In his own words, Profit TPM is “making a product based on what the people want”. He takes the utmost pride in his music, as his evident professionalism is second to none.

With all the hype continuing to build around “Check”, the artist is already putting in the work for his next project. His raw, artistic talent has caught the attention of industry moguls- who knows, he may be signing the newest record deal with a major powerhouse. All in all, Profit TPM is here to give hip-hop a new and improved meaning. The rapper is constantly looking to expand his own creativity, as he never ceases to push himself as far as he can possibly push himself.
Profit TPM is an artist you will want to keep up with! To stay up to date with the rapper, follow him on his social media sites below:

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