The NFL Pro Bowler Jeremy "Mr Mince" Mincey stopped by the Brad Cooney Podcast show to talk about his latest music projects. This talented young man not only brought it in the NFL, he's bringing it in the music world too. Have a listen below to learn about whe he's got going on with his NEW record "Just Work" 


JACKSONVILLE, FL – After a stellar career in the NFL – including playing in a Super Bowl and
earning DALLAS 2014 DEFENSIVE MVP for the Dallas Cowboys – Jeremy “Mr. Mince” Mincey is
pursuing his second-greatest passion in life: music.

Music has been a part of his life almost as long as football. At age 13, he would join his cousin
then watch super producer Fat Boi at Pure Pain Records in Savannah Georgia as he record new
music. It was an experience that left an imprint on his life, and he soon found himself writing
music and creating beats of his own between football practice and workouts. All throughout his
NFL career he was known for his musical talent in the locker room, and even dabbled with
music from time-to-time on the side, but it wasn’t until he retired from the NFL that he began
to take his music career seriously.

His first album, “Just Work,” is the culmination of many months of hard work. It’s an album that
includes some of the singles he’s released over the past couple of years since his NFL
retirement, as well as some new tracks he’s created.

The standout single from the album is “Wine Ya Body,” featuring a friend and fellow musician,
Safari. It’s a song that has already garnered Mr. Mince some international interest, with radio
spins in multiple countries and across many states of the U.S. To date, Mr. Mince’s music has
seen more than 43 million plays on his Soundcloud account, which he recently refurbished. He
describes the song as a “reggae/dance-hall type of record” that could “really take things to the
next level.”

Mr. Mince

“I’m a universal artist,” he said. “I try to relate to as many people as I can – from other
musicians to philanthropists to business people. I’m just an advocate for good music without
kissing ass in this industry. I already have my own money from my career in the NFL, so I have
the machine in place to work on these projects. And my music is original. I don’t use samples –
I’m just making original, classic music for people of all ages. My music is for everybody. I try my
best to relate to everybody by speaking on inspiration and good times, and touching on the
hardships of life. But it isn’t always about hardships. It’s about bonding with people and being
real with who you are. That’s what music should be, anyway. I’m tired of the gimmicks. I want
people to be who they are and live out their God-given character.”

Mr. Mince is releasing the album under his independent label, Mr. Mince Productions,
distributed by Priority. A remix of “Wine Ya Body” is slated to drop on April 6, while the full
album is already available for download on all digital distribution sites.
To listen to Mr. Mince’s music, or to follow him on social media, please visit:


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