The Exorcist hit the big screen back in 1973, but believe me this film still scares people 45 years later. It will go down as one of the scariest horror films in American history. Some say it is THE scariest film ever made. Actress Linda Blair (pictured above) with Brad Cooney, is much more than a great actor though. She's also a compassionate person with a soft heart for animals. She heads up a terrific dog rescue foundation (Non Profit) based out of California called "Linda Blair World Heart Foundation" a great cause that helps pay for all of what rescued dogs need. Things such as bedding, food, and veterinarian bills and much more.

Linda needs your support. All proceeds go towards rescuing dogs and providing the care that these beautiful animals need. I fully support this cause and will do my best to help Linda raise the funds needed to keep this wonderful program up and running. Too many beautiful loving dogs get the short end of the stick in life. It's people like Linda and her assistants that make a real difference.  

Please donate HERE to this noble cause. 

linda blair with pit bulls

Again, you can donate HERE. All proceeds go towards helping beautiful dogs like you see pictured above with Linda. It's a great cause! 

Just to add a note. I was blessed with the opportunity to meet this wonderful person this past weekend. Linda is such a kind and humble woman. It's no surprise that she'd dedicate so many years helping animals. The world needs more Linda Blair's. 

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