Hip Hop and R&B Recording Artist Zenden Lavon joined the show and talked about his bright young career. He recently released his latest track titled "The Movement" as part of his project titled "BE, VOL 1" which can be purchased by clicking the links below.  Lavon is a true artist, mxing writing, singing, rapping, and producing all by himself. His talent speaks for itself.  Have a listen to the full Podcast BELOW

Dubai, UAE - Zenden Lavon is a true connoisseur of Hip Hop who reveres the art of storytelling and respects the influence and power a true lyricist has to make a change in the world of music. Unlike most other Generation Z artists, Zenden Lavon is a true triple threat who writes, produces and performs, enabling the creation of a body of work that elevates him to a level that most artists starting out can only hope to achieve. His new single, “ The Movement,” is a social anthem embedded in a club hit that is sure to build upon an ever-widening global fan base.

Zenden Lavon prides himself on being unconventional, so while others hurriedly produce mix tapes or disconnected singles, he has put in the time and effort to releasea complete body of work in the form of a concept album titled BE, Vol 1. He says this new album is to “ praise, uplift, and inspire, while bringing back substance and lyricism.”

“ I believe that music is essential to the soul and therefore I’m always trying to improve my craft and one-up my last project,” Zenden Lavon said. “ I like creating concept albums because it allows me to be creative while influencing my listeners to think about the message I’m trying to get across.”

Zenden Lavon believes Hip Hop is a way of life that requires constant study to understand. He admires the great producers such as J Dilla and DJ Premier as well as lyrical masters like KrS One, Eric B and Jay Z.

In addition to “ The Movement” another prominent single from the album is entitled “Who Shot Ya? It’s raw and aggressive and displays yet another side of this storyteller’s ability to deliver a conscious message without compromising on a hard hitting beat.

Listen/Download Who Shot Ya HERE

To listen to Zenden Lavon’s new album BE, Vol. 1 please visit: HERE

Twitter: https://twitter.com/zendenl?lang=en

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/zenden.lavon/?hl=en

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100010278423613


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