Kevin Corke

FOX NEWS White House Correspondent Kevin Corke stopped by the Brad Cooney Podcast Show and gave us a terrific update on what's going on in Washington. There's a ton of things going on so who better to have on the show than Kevin?  He's covered three different Presidents, George Bush, President Obama, and President Trump.  All three administrations had separate personalities and Kevin sheds light on each one of them.

The podcast also covers the Robert Mueller Special Counsel investigation. Kevin shares his thoughts on what the outcome may be and whether or not Russian collusion will be proven or disproven.  Also in the interview, Kevin talks about the media and what President Trump calls "Fake News". Is it a fair tag? Tune and hear what Kevin says about that.  

Is President Trump a racist? Is that a fair accusation? Find out what Kevin Corke thinks about it.  He goes in depth on the question and shares a story about man he knows at his local barber shop. Listen to the story, it may make you think twice before calling the President a racist.

Lastly, we talk about the midterms and what may happen in the 2020 Presidential Election.  Lots of good stuff in this one so I hope you'll tune in and enjoy!


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